We assist people access legal services that help them deal with the issues of Identity theft and other legal matters

"Most people are in the dark regarding the aggressive nature of Identity Theft.  Financial Identity Theft is only 25% of the problem.  But the more challenging areas reach into Medical, Social Security, Driving, and Criminal Identity Theft.

"Once a victim, always a victim", the crime broadens incompassing entanglements that alter your ability to conduct your affairs.  Most are clueless how to restore their life and good name!

Average victims spends hundreds of hours stretched over years fighting to restore their life and good name. 

Would you feel better to have a division of the world's leading risk control management company restore your good name?!

The Life Event Legal Service Plans provide attorney services much like health insurance provides medical services. We have found the plans to be an outstanding provision to handle matters more reasonabley and efficitently.

Because of the tough economy not many can afford to make costly and unnecessary mistakes.  We provide these unique service plans because of the need of good and timely legal council/services.  Our clients have told us the plans give them confidence and peace of mind as they conducted their business.

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